Do my balloons come inflated?

All our balloons are sent to the reputable balloon store of your choice! The store will receive them prior to the date you selected to collect. Their balloon artists Inflate and assemble your order ready to collect on your selected date. 

How long will my balloons last?

We use the best balloons in the industry, and when dealing with ever increasing gas price, along side the time critical events with dead lines -  there's no room for error! If a balloon is going to fail, it generally happens whilst being inflated. Once you collect and become responsible for the balloons, try and keep them at room temperature. Do this, and you'll get at least the life expectancy listed below.

You will receive a balloon care leaflet upon collection, we want you to get the most out of your order!

LatexAir5 Days +
LatexHelium12hrs +
FoilAir7 Days +
FoilHelium3 Days +

What if I can't collect, can I have my order delivered?

Most stores may have the facility to deliver your order. Why not make contact with your chosen store (asap), and see what options they have available. We operate a 'click and collect' service only and hold no responsibility for any delivery arranged between customer and the chosen collection point. Balloon orders can not be cancelled on the day of collection

What happens if I damage my balloon or it pops?

Balloons are a thin lining be it latex, foil, elastic, filled to its maximum pressure with gas trying to escape! Treat it with respect. On the off chance you accidentally catch the balloon resulting in deflation, you can try and contact the store to see if they have the materials to replace it (charges will apply).