About Us

Firstly, welcome to a new way of balloon ordering! 

Secondly, you seem to have found a genuine interest on who, or what we are... 

Here's the short version:

We are "MyBalloon.co.uk", strictly an online platform that not only intends on providing balloons big and small for anyone celebrating their special occasion, but also providing support to independent businesses.

A single balloon is an "unfinished product", but that's okay... Our aim is to never sell a balloon on its own, EVER!

We're based in the heart of the Midlands (U.K.) and our focus is to reach a wider audience, but all in good time! Keep checking back to see if your local store is part of the "my balloon" family.

So, if you're a customer that wants to order balloons for their event? or if you're a balloon supplier who wants to join us in providing great balloons to the nation? Or maybe you're part of an educational group wanting to teach others? 

We are covering all bases within the industry, but growing at a steady pace. We're here to support the industry, nothing more, nothing less.

Let's adapt and grow together!